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Insulated Files

Fire King offers a lifetime of fire protection in every insulated filing cabinet with a full range of sizes, styles and capacities.

All our insulated files carry the Underwriters Laboratories Class 350 one hour Record Protection Equipment classified as to Fire and Impact Resistance.

A fireproof file cabinet could well be your answer. But not just any fireproof file will do.

Insulated file cabinets, fire proof safes and fire resistant safes.

Tax records. Customer lists. Accounts Payable and Receivable. Insurance polices. Deeds, titles and licenses. This is the kind of information vital to every business. And this kind of information requires protection from the elements: for your business's survival, and your peace of mind.

A fireproof file could well be your answer. But not just any fireproof file will do. You need a fireproof file that:

  • Provides guaranteed protection.
  • Fits your storage capacity requirements.
  • Matches office size and decor specifications.
  • Fulfills your unique security needs.
  • Delivers a lifetime of trouble-free, maintenance-free performance.
  • Meets your budget.


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